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Welcome to the Horse’s Birthday 2022 Edition of the VNEWS…

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This newsletter includes the following:

  • VJoke – The Potato……
  • VBigBets – Boogie Dancer shows its moves and wins well….
  • VBet – $100 VBET – Easy Beast at Darwin – Winnings to Pancare…
  • VH2H – Top 6 in the H2H’s every race……
  • VMeetings – Darwin Action….
  • VKeeping – Affiliate with VICBET…
  • VFeature Racing – Tofane generous offer….
  • VPromotions – THREE big promotions this week….
  • VFacts – August 1st – The Horse’s Birthday…..
  • VRefer – Mention us to Friends and Family….
  • VEnd – Good Luck……


Young Randall a 20 yo fisherman from Lakes Entrance was on holiday at Bondi Beach. He couldn’t seem to make it with any of the girls. So he asked the local lifeguard for some advice. Mate, it’s obvious,’ says the lifeguard, ‘you’re wearing them old baggy swimming trunks that make ya look like an old geezer. They’re years outta style. You ‘re best bet is to grab yourself a pair of Speedos – About two sizes too small and drop a fist-sized potato down inside ’em. I’m tellin’ ya mate…you’ll have all the babes ya want!’ The following weekend, Randall hits the beach with his spanking new tight Speedos, and his fist-sized potato. Everybody on the beach was disgusted as he walked by, covering their faces, turning away, and laughing, looking sick and some vomiting! So Randall went back to the lifeguard again and asked him, ‘What’s wrong now?’ ‘JEEZUS CHRIST!’ said the lifeguard, ‘Maaaaate!!!! The potato goes in front!’


Last Saturday the largest winning wager with us was at Caulfield:

  • Caulfield Race 2 – Boogie Dancer $8k BOB at $2.15 – Credit of $9,200 to the VICBET Client…..

And the largest losing wager with us was also at Caulfield:

  • Caulfield Race 8 – Mileva $5k BOB at $5 (twice) Loss of $5k to each VICBET Client..

Don’t forget, we have the Daily Big Bets appearing in “Real Time” on the VICBET Home Page on the Main website, they appear as the largest wager first……


We are doing it differently now with the $100 VBET… We will ask someone on the VICBET Client list to have a pick & if the selection wins we will donate the winnings to a great cause fighting pancreatic cancerThe Pancare Foundation…. This week’s $100 VBET is for next Saturday at Darwin in the Palmerston Sprint $100 on Easy Beast at $5.50…

VH2H – Head to Head Betting

VICBET H2H Betting is unique to us and is available every race day and night in two groups of three. It is the three Favourites (1st, 2nd and 3rd) combined in one H2H outcome and the second H2H is the 4th, 5th and 6th Favourites combined, excluding the Fav if it is Odds-on (under $2). This is a moving dynamic market so as the odds change for the actual race the odds will change for the H2H outcome. Also, you can pick your own H2H outcome, then simply go to our Live Chat or WhatsApp Tim Cleary (0433-339347) and he will price it up for you….


Not a lot of action this upcoming week. The only real upcoming feature is the $135k Palmerston Sprint at Darwin on Saturday……Then Monday it is the $200k Darwin Cup, we will have a few special VPromos on the Darwin Cup Meeting…..


If anyone is interested in setting up an Affiliate arrangement then contact Tim Cleary on his mobile (0433-339347) to get all the details…


We are getting to that time of the year again! The Future Races are all online now with thirty-six races to have a browse at. This week the VSPECIAL is in the famous Memsie Stakes. Tofane is a Superstar and heads the market as a $6 favourite with five of its competitors breathing down its neck at the $8 mark. We will match that and offer you $8 as well for the well liked Tofane. Simply reply to the VNEWS after placing your wager or jump on Live Chat and we will amend the odds for you. Note it is $500 MAX stake and the first 25 people only, expires at midnight Friday 29th July……NOTE: Current active VICBET account holders only…..


This week we are offering three MASSIVE promotions on three different days!

WednesdaySANDOWN ACTION: Have a Fixed Odds Win Bet on any runner in Sandown Races 5-8 and if your horse runs second then we will refund your stake back as a bonus up to $50! First WIN bet on each respective race only and VBoost Bet’s are not eligible.

Thursday – Fancy a bet on the dogs ? We are offering Best Tote the WIN on all races at Sandown Park!

Saturday – Same again! Simply have a Fixed Odds Win Bet on ANY race at Moonee Valley or Rosehill and if your horse runs second then we will refund your stake back as a bonus up to $50! First bet on each respective race only and VBoost Bets are not eligible.


So why is the Horses Birthday celebrated on August 1st in the Southern Hemisphere. Racehorses have the same birthday to make it easier to keep track of horses’ ages. The birth date is set to coincide with the animals’ breeding cycle and is the reason horses’ birthdays are different in the Northern Hemisphere and those in the Southern Hemisphere. It is January 1st in the Northern Hemisphere……


Many people think we are one of those Corporate outfits but that is not the case. With an emphasis on the three codes of Horse Racing, Dogs and Trots we are the Old Fashioned type of Bookmakers (four generations going back to 1941). My Late Father Allen Cleary was a Bookmaker from 1956 – 2006, his Uncle Bob was a Bookmaker from 1941 – 1961. Today it is myself Rod and my Son Tim sharing the reins. We are very approachable, we work On Course at the Melbourne Metro Meetings on the Rails, however the vast majority of our turnover is Online. Once again your referrals are always very much appreciated and one of the main sources of us sourcing new Clients so thanks very much in advance…….Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions about any Racing?Bookmaking Matters….


If you are new to VICBET in recent times a big welcome, if you have had an established account and have misplaced your login details, jump on the Live Chat, reply here to the VNEWS  or FREECALL 1300-126126…… We will forward your details to you by text and email…..

Finally we are the only Bookmaker doing the Best of the Best (BOB) on all Australian Mainland Race Meetings seven days a week plus we offer a service on Overseas races through to the last overnight race…..

Good Luck and Happy Punting…….