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Welcome to the Maykbe Diva Stakes Edition of the VNEWS…

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This newsletter includes the following:

  • VJoke – I bet the truck driver regrets that….
  • VBigBets – Don’t Doubt Dory cleans up in the last for the punters…..
  • VBet – Brett H wins this week’s $100 VBET….
  • VH2H – Top 6 in the H2H’s every race……
  • VMeetings – Group 1 Makybe Stakes……
  • VKeeping – Miss the BOB, jump on Live Chat………
  • VFeature Racing – Zaaki strong fav in the Underwood….
  • VPromotions – Maykbe Promo……
  • VFacts – Craiglee Stakes first run in 1948….
  • VRefer – Mention us to Friends and Family….
  • VEnd – Good Luck……


There was this guy in a bar just staring at his drink. He stays like that for over an hour. Then this huge truck driver sits down next to him, takes the drink from the guy, and just drinks it all down in one gulp. The poor man starts crying. The truck driver says, “Come on man, I was just joking, I’ll buy you another drink. I just can’t stand to see a grown man cry.” “No, it’s not that. Today is the worst day of my life. Firstly, I sleep in and I go late to the office. My boss is so angry and fires me. When I am leaving the building to go to my car, I found out it is stolen. I call the the police and they say that they can’t do anything. I then get a cab to go home and when I jump out I realise I have left my wallet and credit cards in the cab. The cab driver just drives away.” “I walk inside and I find my wife in bed with the gardener. I storm out and come to this bar. And just when I was thinking about putting an end to my life, you show up and drink my poison.


Last Saturday the largest winning wager with us was at Moonee Valley:

  • Moonee Valley Race 9 – Don’t Doubt Dory $2.5k Fixed at $7 Credit of $15k to the VICBET Client…..

And the largest losing wager with us was at Eagle Farm:

  • Eagle Farm Race 6 – Royal Hale $15k Fixed at $2.60 Loss of $15k to the VICBET Client..

Don’t forget, we have the Daily Big Bets appearing in “Real Time” on the VICBET Home Page on the Main website, they appear as the largest wager first……


This week’s $100 FREE VBET goes to Brett H. Thanks for setting up an account in March Brett, all the names go in the barrel and today you are the lucky winner. Good Luck with your free $100 VBET….

VH2H – Head to Head Betting

VICBET H2H Betting is unique to us and is available every race day and night in two groups of three. It is the three Favourites (1st, 2nd and 3rd) combined in one H2H outcome and the second H2H is the 4th, 5th and 6th Favourites combined, excluding the Fav if it is Odds-on (under $2). This is a moving dynamic market so as the odds change for the actual race the odds will change for the H2H outcome. Also, you can pick your own H2H outcome, then simply go to our Live Chat or WhatsApp Tim Cleary (0433-339347) and he will price it up for you….


It was another great day of racing last weekend and an even better one coming up. All the main attention is at Flemington (zero crowds again) with the Group 1 Makybe Diva Stakes and also three Group 2 Races. Rosehill also has a big day with three Group 2 Races…..


Keep this in mind…..If you miss getting the BOB by a few secs or a few mins then jump on the VICBET Live Chat and we will sort it out for you as long as the odds of your selection has not shortened…..


We are getting to the exciting time of the year and here at VICBET we have 30 Future Races online to have a browse at. This week the VSPECIAL is in the upcoming Underwood Stakes. Zaaki was a dominate winner on the weekend and has shortened in many markets. It is a clear $2 favourite and this week we are offering a VBOOST increase up to $2.50 for promising galloper. Simply reply to the VNEWS after placing your wager or jump on Live Chat and we will amend the odds for you. Note it is $1,000 MAX stake and the first 25 people only, expires at midnight Friday 10th September……NOTE: Current active VICBET account holders only…..


VICBET Makybe VPromo – In the Makybe this Saturday, if you run 2nd – get up to $150 back, run 3rd – get up to $100 back, run 4th – get up to $50 back and run 5th – get $25 back……But there is more – run last and you get up to $20 back as a Wooden Spoon Gift…..First Fixed Odds Win bet on the Group 1 Maykbe Stakes. We will make it easy again, if you were in the VPromo last week you don’t need to reply, you are automatically entered in. If you haven’t done it already then to be eligible for this VPromo, register your interest by simply replying to the VNEWS or jump on the 24/7 Live Chat up to midnight on Friday 10th September…..


Maykbe Diva became the first horse to win the Melbourne Cup on three occasions in 2003, 2004, and 2005. In 2005, she also won the Cox Plate and is the second highest stakes-earner in Australian horse racing history behind Winx ($19,290,424), finishing with winnings of $14,526,690 upon her retirement in November 2005. She is one of only five horses to have won the Cup more than once and the only mare among the list of multiple winners. She is also one of only 14 female horses (11 mares and three fillies) to have won the Cup. Makybe Diva is owned by South Australian tuna fisherman Tony Šantić, who named her after five of his employees – Maureen, Kylie, Belinda, Diane, and Vanessa – by taking the first two letters from each of their names. Originally named the Craiglee Stakes (first run in 1948) after the home in Sunbury of Wilfred Henry Johnston (1864 – 1951), chairman of the VRC stipendiary stewards between 1924 and 1945, the Group One Maykbe Diva Stakes is now dedicated to Champion racehorse Makybe Diva……Watch the Famous third Melbourne Cup of the Champ – CLICK HERE


With an emphasis on Horse Racing solely and four generations going back to 1941 we have the personal touch as most of you know. My Late Father Allen Cleary was a Bookmaker from 1956 – 2006, his Uncle Bob was a Bookmaker from 1941 – 1961. Today it is myself Rod and my Son Tim sharing the reins since commencing Online in 2005. We have operated online continually since 2005, the longest of all Victorian Online Bookmakers. We are NOT Corporates, we work On Course at the Melbourne Metro Meetings on the Rails (Non Covid times), however the vast majority of our turnover is Online. Once again your referrals are always very much appreciated and one of the main sources of us sourcing new Clients so thanks very much in advance…..


If you are new to VICBET in recent times a big welcome, if you have had an established account and have misplaced your login details, jump on the Live Chat, reply here to the VNEWS  or FREECALL 1300-126126…… We will forward your details to you by text and email…..

Finally we are the only Bookmaker doing the Best of the Best (BOB) on all Australian Mainland Race Meetings seven days a week plus we offer a service on Overseas races through to about 3am every night…Confirming the BOB is to Win $6k on all Non-Metros ($3k Country WA), $10k on Wednesday Metros, $15k on Saturday Metros and to Win $20k on all Australian Group One Races………..

Good Luck, Stay Safe, get vaccinated and Happy Punting…….