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Welcome to the Melbourne Cup Edition of the VNEWS…

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This newsletter includes the following:

  • VJoke – Donald and the parachute……
  • VBigBets – Yulong Prince stitches us up in the Cantala…..
  • VBet – Mark P wins this week’s VBET….
  • VH2H – Top 6 in the H2H’s every race……
  • VMeetings – All about the Cup…….
  • VKeeping – POLi Payments…..
  • VFeature Racing – Melbourne Cup, $9 the Fav….
  • VPromotions – Free H2H bet in the Cup……
  • VFacts – First run in 1861, watch the 1896 Cup……
  • VRefer – Thanks……..
  • VEnd – Good Punting on Cup Day……


Dusty Martin, Pope Francis, Donald Trump & a Haileybury school boy were all on the same plane when the engine suddenly failed. The Plane started to plummet towards Earth. They soon all realised that there was four of them on the plane & only three parachutes. Dusty jumped up and said “I am an AFL superstar, the best footballer in Australia, I will win my 4th Norm Smith medal in 2021 so I must live so that I can please all my fans and continue my career in the AFL!” So he grabbed a parachute and jumped out of the plane. Then Donald Trump bounced up and said “I am the world’s smartest Man and the Greatest leader of our generation, the United States  needs me to live to lead the nation for at least the next few days.” So he followed Dusty and jumped out of the plane. Then the Pope looked to the school boy and said “I am 84 years-old and have lived a long life so you should take the last parachute.” The school boy replied, “No it’s OK, the world’s smartest President took my school bag so there’s one for each of us !”


Last Saturday the biggest winning wager with us was at Flemington (Cantala):

  • Flemington Race 8 – Yulong Prince $3k Fixed at $11 – Credit of $30k to the VICBET Client…..

And the largest losing wager with us was at Flemington (Derby):

  • Flemington Race 7 – Cherry Tortini $8k Fixed at $3.70 – Loss of $8k to the VICBET Client..

We have the Daily Big Bets appearing in “Real Time” on the VICBET Home Page on the Main website……


This week’s $100 FREE VBET goes to Mark P. Thanks for opening an account in early October Mark, also thanks to everyone for sending the jokes in (some good, some not so good) and the feedback by Live Chat or email to…..

VH2H – Head to Head Betting

VICBET H2H Betting is unique to us and is available every race day and night in two groups of three. It is the three Favourites (1st, 2nd and 3rd) combined in one H2H outcome and the second H2H is the 4th, 5th and 6th Favourites combined, excluding the Fav if it is Odds-on (under $2). This is a moving dynamic market so as the odds change for the actual race the odds will change for the H2H outcome. Also, you can pick your own H2H outcome, then simply go to our Live Chat or WhatsApp Tim Cleary (0433-339347) and he will price up for you.


It is all about the Melbourne Cup……Enjoy your day………


POLI is the Online Payment option that most people are using now rather than credit cards. It allows you to use your own internet banking to securely deposit directly into your VICBET Account in real time so funds are available instantaneously.There are no charges if you use POLI and it is available to be used with many Australian and New Zealand Banks. NOTE: You must have Cookies enabled and Prevent Cross-Site Tracking turned off, this is done in your computer settings….


This week we have the Vspecial in the VRC Oaks. Today we are offering boosted odds up to $2 for the Fav – Montefilia (currently about $1.70) and as per previous weeks, simply reply to the VNEWS after placing your wager or jump on Live Chat and we will amend from the current price to the enhanced odds of $2. Note it is $200 max stake and the first 50 people only……Current active VICBET account holders only (excl MBL Clients)…..


VICBET Melbourne Cup Promo – In the race that stops the nation. if you have a fixed odds EW bet on the race between now and Midday on Cup Day then we will add in a free H2H bet for you up to $50 There are about ten H2H options online to choose from. Simply have your fixed odds EW wager then reply to the VNEWS or jump on Live Chat and we will add the extra bonus in for you…..NOTE: for example if you have a $5 EW wager, that means you get a Free $10 H2H wager…


The Melbourne Cup is Australia’s most important and best horse race and its history is incredibly rich dating back from the inaugural event run in 1861. Fondly called “The Race that Stops a Nation”, Melbourne Cup Day is a public holiday in Metropolitan Melbourne. Originally run on the first Thursday in November when Archer walked over 500 miles from Terara in New South Wales to participate in the first Melbourne Cup. Archer won again the following year for a prize of 810 gold sovereigns (£810) and a gold watch. When Archer went on to win the race in 1862, making him one of only five horses to win the event more than once. By 1865 Melbourne Cup Day was declared a half day holiday and then in 1877 it was declared a whole day holiday to allow patrons to crowd the Flemington Racecourse. The Melbourne Cup was first held on the first Tuesday of November in 1875 and it was in that year that it adopted the current four-day format. The Melbourne Cup in 1876 saw the three-year-old filly Briseis win and in a span of six days she won the Derby, the Cup and the Oaks. Apart from that very impressive record, she was ridden by the youngest jockey ever to win. Featherweight Peter St Albans was 12 years old when he and Briseis set this record that will definitely last for all Melbourne Cup history. Phar Lap is Australia’s most famous and best horse and was the Champion of the 1930 Melbourne Cup. He won the race as the shortest priced favourite in Melbourne Cup history at 11/8 odds on or $1.70 in today’s odds. Watch the 1930 Melbourne Cup: CLICK the link BELOW:


We are the Old Fashioned type of Bookmakers (four generations going back to 1941). My Late Father Allen Cleary was a Bookmaker from 1956 – 2006, his Uncle Bob was a Bookmaker from 1941 – 1961. Today it is myself Rod and my Son Tim sharing the reins. We are NOT Corporates, we work On Course at the Melbourne Metro Meetings on the Rails, however the vast majority of our turnover is Online. Once again your referrals are always very much appreciated and one of the main sources of us sourcing new Clients so thanks in advance…….


If you are new to VICBET in recent times welcome, if you have had an established account and have misplaced your login details, jump on the Live Chat, reply here to the VNEWS  or FREECALL 1300-126126…… We will forward your details to you by text and email…..

Finally we are the only Bookmaker doing the Best of the Best (BOB) on all Australian Mainland Race Meetings seven days a week plus Overseas races through to about 3am each night……

Good Luck and Happy Punting during Cup Week…..