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This newsletter includes the following:

  • VJoke – Brett, Pete, Bomber and Big Al go camping……
  • VBigBets – Tailleur brains them at the Valley…..
  • VBet – Vern W is the winner…..
  • VH2H – Top 6 in the H2H’s every race…..
  • VMeetings – Memsie Stakes….
  • VKeeping – New closing account rules……..
  • VFeature Racing – 1,000 Guineas – $15 the Fav…..
  • VPromotions – Best Tote the Place………
  • VFacts – Memsie Stakes first run in 1899……..
  • VRefer – Thanks……..
  • VEnd – Good Luck……


Four great mates Brett, Pete, Bomber & Big Al were at a campsite for their Annual trip away. They had to bunk two to a room but no one wanted to share with Bomber because he snored so badly. They decided it wasn’t fair to make one of them stay with him the whole time, so they voted to take turns. Brett slept in the same cabin as Bomber the first night and came to breakfast the next morning with messy hair and bloodshot eyes, poor Brett. Pete and Big Al both said at the same time: “Man, what happened to you?” “Bomber snored so loudly,” Brett replied. “I just sat up and watched him all night and had zero sleep”. The next night, it was Pete’s turn. In the morning the same thing happened, he appeared at breakfast hair all standing up, eyes all bloodshot. The other two said: “Man what happened to you? You look awful, shocking and disheveled!” Pete replied: “Man that Bomber shakes the roof with his snoring. I couldn’t do anything but sit up and watch him all night, zero sleep”. The third night and last night of the short trip away was Big Al’s turn. He was a big burly ex-football player, a real Man’s Man. The next morning Big Al came to breakfast, bright-eyed and bushy tailed. “Good morning,” he said with boundless energy. Brett and Pete couldn’t believe it that he looked rested and wide awake. They both asked: “Man, what happened with Bomber’s snoring?” Big Al said: “Well, we were getting ready for bed. I went and tucked Bomber into bed and kissed him good night. Bomber then sat up and watched me sleep all night.”


Last Saturday the biggest winning wager with us was at Moonee Valley:

  • Moonee Valley Race 2 – Tailleur $10k BOB ($1.85-$1.60) – Credit of $8,500 to the VICBET Client…..

And the largest losing wager with us was at Randwick:

  • Randwick Race 6 – Adelong $10k BT at $2.10 – Loss of $10k to the VICBET Client….

Don’t forget we have the Daily Big Bets appearing in “Real Time” as we take the bets on the VICBET Home Page on the Main website……


This week’s $100 FREE VBET goes to Vern W. Good luck with your Free $100 Bet Vern and thanks for opening an account last month. Thanks to everyone else for sending the jokes in by Live Chat or email to…..

VH2H – Head to Head Betting

VICBET H2H Betting is available every race in two groups of three. It is the three Favourites (1st, 2nd and 3rd) combined in one H2H outcome and the second H2H is the 4th, 5th and 6th Favourites combined, excluding the Fav if it is Odds-on (under $2). This is a moving dynamic market so as the odds change for the actual race the odds will change for the H2H outcome. Also, you can pick your own H2H outcome, then simply go to our Live Chat or WhatsApp Tim Cleary (0433-339347) and he will price up for you, this can be in a group of two or three, max wager is $100 when he does this……This is a novelty bet type so it is for the small players……


The big races are really starting to heat up for Spring. This week the focus is at Caulfield headed by the Group 1 Memsie Stakes. There is also three Group 3 races at both Caulfield and Rosehill…..


There are new rules commencing in Victoria on September 1st with relation to self-exclusion. If you ever feel like you need a break or a pause from betting with us then you will need to click on the open/close option on the Responsible Gambling page. The new rule is this: If you choose to permanently self-exclude then the account can NEVER be reopened……


Up on the VICBET website there are now 18 Feature Races to have a browse at…. This week the Vspecial is in the Thousand Guineas. Agreeable holds a $10 quote as favoritism. This week anyone can have $15 up until Midnight on Friday 28th August. (Max Wager $500) Simply place your wager at the current Fixed Odds and we will amend the odds for you. Note this is for current VICBET account holders only. You can send a reminder to us by Live Chat or email Tim at


VICBETBest Tote the Place (VBTP): Any Clients that are Place Punters then you will like this one. We offer Middle Tote (MT) for the Place like everyone else on all venues, however once a day after you have had your Middle Tote Place wager we will upgrade the wager from Middle Tote to Best Tote the Place. The limit is $250 for the Metro Meetings and $100 for the Non-Metro venues, it is once a day and all you need to do is have the Middle Tote Wager like normal Online then jump on the VICBET Live Chat to have your wager upgraded from MT to BT the Place. NOTE: Australian Race Meetings only……….


The Memsie Stakes was first run in 1899 and is worth $750k (last year was $1m) with $450k going to the winner. Lord has won the most Memsies with four wins from 1958 to 1961, but the most famous winner has to be Australia’s greatest ever racehorse – Phar Lap in 1931. The race is often used as a lead-up race by good horses preparing for the longer feature races such as the Caulfield Cup, Cox Plate and the Melbourne Cup. Such horses typically compete against less glamorous, and usually fitter, sprinter-milers who have been trained specifically for this race. Speed and fitness seem to prevail over class about half the time, as can be seen in the list of recent winners. As the race comes early in the Spring, it will often indicate how well a horse has come back after its customary winter spell. There is sometimes just as much interest in the horses running on well from the back of the field, as there is in the actual winner. A good run by a staying horse in this race is often a good indicator of a successful Spring Carnival to come. The list of previous winners of the race contain recent champions, including Sincero, So You Think, Weekend Hussler, Makybe Diva, Sunline, Naturalism, Rancho Ruler, Manikato, and famous champions from the 20th century Galilee, Rising Fast, Comic Court, Lord (four times), Ajax (three times) and Phar Lap….


We are the Old Fashioned type of Bookmakers (four generations going back to 1941). My Late Father Allen Cleary was a Bookmaker from 1956 – 2006, his Uncle Bob was a Bookmaker from 1941 – 1961. Today it is Rod & my Son Tim sharing the reigns. We are NOT Corporates, we work On Course at the Melbourne Metro Meetings on the Rails, however the vast majority of our turnover is Online. Once again your referrals are always very much appreciated and one of the main sources of us sourcing new Clients, we would like to reward if you ever felt like introducing a family member or friend to us. When they set-up an account and mention your name in the “Where did you hear about us” part we will reward you in your VICBET account……


If you are new to VICBET in recent times welcome, if you have had an established account and have misplaced your login details, jump on the Live Chat, reply here to the VNEWS  or FREECALL 1300-126126…… We will forward your details to you by text and email…..

Finally we are the only Bookmaker doing the Best of the Best (BOB) on all Australian Mainland Race Meetings seven days a week and the overseas races through to about 3am each night……

Good Luck, Stay Safe at this hard COVID-19 time and Happy Punting…..